The bonuses at BC.Game offer up to 1200% for just the first 4 deposits.

Currently, BC.Game boasts one of the largest bonuses in the Brazilian market. These bonuses include deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, weekly bonuses, cashback, tasks, and more.

To get a +300% bonus on your first deposit right now, make a deposit within 7 minutes of registering!

How to Get 300% Instead of 180% on the First Record

To secure a 300% bonus instead of the standard 180% on your first registration, new members at BC.Game can qualify for this exceptional welcome offer by activating this unique promotion right after completing the signup process. This is a golden opportunity for new members to significantly boost their initial capital and enjoy a wider range of games without any additional expense. Like all bonuses offered by BC.Game, this offer is subject to certain wagering requirements, detailed in the platform’s terms of use. Players must meet specific betting conditions before they can withdraw this bonus or any associated winnings. Here are the steps to activate this promotion.

  1. Visit the official BC.Game website.
  2. Complete the signup process on the platform.
  3. Choose your preferred registration method, whether it be email, phone, or social media.
  4. Make a deposit into your account within seven minutes of registering. Remember, you must deposit additional funds to activate the offer.
  5. Enjoy the thrill of starting with a 300% bonus automatically added to a new member’s bonus account balance.
It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
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Bonus System for the First 4 Deposits

The bonus system for the first 4 deposits at BC.Game should certainly be listed among the most attractive offers for new players. In sum, with this program, the player can obtain a total of to 1200% in bonuses across their first four deposits. That makes it much simpler for newcomers to make acquaintances and begin playing with this brand. Do not forget about all the other offers from this brand in the sector that, already, stimulates players to deposit significant amounts of their own money. It is necessary to note, of course, that all bonuses are subject to requests in accordance to the regulations of BC.Game. Immediate liquidity is impossible; the bonus amount must be wagered multiple times. This is how this bonus program for the first four deposits at BC.Game works.

Referral Bonus for a Friend

BC.Game has a very attractive referral program that allows you to earn a bonus for every person you bring in as a player. After all, one of the best places to hide a prize is on its own web page! BC.Game does this to encourage and reward existing players for sharing information about the casino with friends and trying to get them to sign up! Please note that the amount of cashback from the bonus for referring a friend may vary and may depend on active promotions when registering your friend! As a general rule, BC.Game will give you a flat percentage of the deposits made by your referrals. However, other offers may be granted from time to time, such as free spins or bonus credits. Referral bonuses will land in your account with BC.Game following these steps.

  • Grab your referral link or code. You will find a section in your BC.Game profile where you can take a snapshot of your unique referral link or code.
  • Share the link/code with friends. Finally, you can send your link or code to your friends using social media, email, or any other method you choose.
  • Receive the bonus. Get the bonus when your friend registers and makes their first deposit.
It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
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Lucky Spin

Users of BC.Game have the exciting opportunity to win additional rewards through the Lucky Spin, a daily fortune wheel where they can spin once every 24-hour cycle and have the chance to win cryptocurrencies or other bonuses usable on the platform.

How to Use Lucky Spin at BC.Game

  1. Access Your Account. First, you’ll need to log into your account at BC.Game. The Lucky Spin is only available to registered user accounts.
  2. Visit the Lucky Spin Page. This is typically found as a direct link in the casino menu or on a toolbar at the top of the page.
  3. Take a Spin. Players are entitled to one free spin every day. All they have to do is press the “start” button to make the wheel spin and wait to see the prize.
  4. Receive Your Prize. When the wheel stops, you’ll immediately see what you’ve won. Prizes can range from small fractions of cryptocurrencies to larger rewards.

What You Need to Know

  • Randomly Governed. Wins from the Lucky Spin are completely random, so each spin has equal chances of winning.
  • Terms of Use. Always be sure to check the terms and conditions for using the prizes you reap through the Lucky Spin. Some may have wagering requirements or other restrictions associated.
  • Frequency of Use. Whatever prize you win, the casino’s advantage means that more spins increase your chance of winning higher value positive prizes over time.
It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
Jogue agora!

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Daily and Weekly Tasks

Daily and weekly missions provide an extra layer of thrill and challenge as players try to conquer new heights while they play. Most come in the form of tasks or challenges which intrigue and engage while also rewarding players. How it works is, the user makes the most of their time at the casino back either during every visit or maybe just during challenging sessions. These are just a few of the great missions you can explore.

Daily Missions

  • Master of the Wheel. This mission asks you to get 3 wins on the Wheel, with $0.40+ minimum bets; a mix of luck and strategy! Master of Slots
  • Master of Slots. Here, you look to generate a total profit of $4.00 over all games played on any 3rd slot inside a single day. Explore your way through a range of different games and just chase the wins! Big Win
  • Big Win. Simply find out a payout of 50x or more, for any game, though the entire game with the minimum bet over $0.40 – a fine way to get used to playing with a bit more risk on every spin! Shiver Me Timbers

Weekly Tasks

  • Weekly Bet. Get $700 in bets throughout all games placed during a week – take up the task and become richly rewarded!


Cashback on our platform provides a way to reward players for their loyalty and special activity, with those at VIP Level 22 or higher especially well rewarded. This extra serves as an additional reward, seeing that players receive a percentage back from their bets, enhancing not only their gaming experience but also providing an extra layer of value.

Weekly Cashback

The “Weekly Cashback” is distributed every Friday automatically, calculating based on a player’s betting activity during a week (the last possible from Friday to Thursday). To qualify for this bonus, players must meet a minimum amount of $1,000 in bets during this period. The amount of cashback is determined by the formula Bet*1%*8%, reflecting both their amount of bets and the player’s VIP level. This means that the more a player bets and the higher a player’s VIP level, the greater the cashback they will receive.

Monthly Cashback

In addition to the weekly bonus, there is also a “Monthly Cashback”, which follows a similar principle but is calculated based on betting activity over an entire month. The monthly bonus is determined by the formula Bet*1%*4%, also reflecting both the total amount of bets and the player’s VIP level. This offers an opportunity for players of all betting levels to get an extra back, so as to enhance the value in maintaining constant activity on the platform.

Weekly Sports Cashback

For those sports betting enthusiasts, the platform also offers a “Weekly Sports Cashback”, which provides rewards and additional benefits specifically in sports betting. This extra incentive was added to enhance the satisfaction and engagement of those betting on sports, recognizing their contribution and passion for sports.


BC.Game revolutionizes the lottery experience, adapting this classic activity to the digital world with the integration of cryptocurrencies. The platform offers its users the opportunity to participate in a variety of lottery draws that happen constantly, opening doors to significant winnings every day. The fairness and transparency of these draws are guaranteed by blockchain technology, ensuring that each draw is conducted cleanly and transparently, which elevates the level of expectation and excitement for participants in the gaming universe of BC.Game.

How to Participate in Lotteries at BC.Game

  1. Game Choice. Initially, players must select their preferred lottery game. This can be done by browsing through the extensive list of international “Lucky Numbers” available on the platform or opting for the highlighted draws on the homepage. With frequent draws, there are daily chances to win.
  2. Market Selection. After choosing the game, players can select from a variety of betting markets, including options like “above/below” the expected, “even/odd,” among others. For bets on regular draws, it’s possible to choose specific numbers, increasing the chances of winning based on the exact match of the “Lucky Numbers” selected. Other markets allow bets on general outcomes, such as whether the sum of the drawn numbers will be even or odd.
  3. Placing the Bet. Players have the freedom to bet on different draws, alternating between the available options within a set time limit. It’s possible to bet on up to 10 “Quick Lucky Numbers” draws, which occur at short intervals. The platform shows the potential winnings for the selected draws, calculated based on the total of the bets.
  4. Bet Verification. Finally, players can review all their bets, including details like date, description, status, total bet, and winnings. A comprehensive bet analysis is provided, detailing crucial information such as draw details, selected numbers, odds, results, and more.

Promotional Codes and Sheetcodes

Promotional Code. Promotional codes are series of numbers and/or letters that online casinos and gaming platforms offer to their players so they can access special offers. Bonuses, free spins, and even access to special tournaments are the main purposes of promotional codes.

Sheetcodes. The term sheetcodes is used to define bonus codes and specific promotions that give access to game credits, bonuses, free spins, and even the casino’s internal currency. This latter, whether caricatured or not, interpreted as the most intense promotions aim at, at the very least, serving the same purpose as promotional codes.

Where to Look for Promotions and Sheetcodes

Manually Activating a Code

  1. Access your account at BC.Game.
  2. Go to “Bonus” in the sidebar menu.
  3. Locate the option to activate the code, which is usually in the upper right corner.
  4. Carefully type the promotional code, respecting uppercase and lowercase letters.
  5. Confirm activation, through “Confirm” or “Activate”, or another equally reliable confirmation command.
  6. Check that the bonus has been activated, which is possible through your bonus section, or by a notification that will appear in your account.

Weekly Bonuses

Weekly bonuses at Bitcoin casinos, offered by online gaming platforms like BC.Game, have multiple advantages for players, creating additional value for them in various ways. Here, we’ll highlight the different types of weekly bonuses you can expect to find.

Benefits of Different VIP Status Levels

BC.Game maintains its firm commitment to providing an exceptional gaming experience, honoring its players with an extensive VIP program, which ranges from Bronze to Diamond III. The unique benefits within each stage of the VIP program fully reflect the platform’s commitment to rewarding its most engaged members, as well as ensuring every player that he is truly special to the house. Here are the details of the rewards enjoyed, from the Bronze Level to the prestigious Diamond III.

  • Bronze Level (VIP 2-7). Players at Bronze start with a welcome bonus of 1.04 BCD. They also have the option to organize Coin Drops in the chat, with prizes for those who are being the most engaged.
  • Silver Level (VIP 8-21). At Silver, on top of the Bronze benefits, players get an enhanced bonus of 18.90 BCD, an option to tip other players, and to get an extra bonus spin on Lucky Spin every new VIP level reached from 8.
  • Platinum Level I (VIP 38-55). At Platinum I, privileges include a large bonus of 1905.00 BCD per level, improved cashbacks, a dedicated customer service by a VIP host, and fee-free withdrawals. They, of course, maintain all the previous benefits.
  • Platinum Level II (VIP 56-69). This level raises the bonus to 5850.00 BCD, with additional cashbacks and dedicated VIP customer service, maintaining all the Platinum benefits.
  • Diamond I (SVIP 1-15). At Diamond I, players start to enjoy elite benefits with a bonus of 30600.00 BCD, superior cashbacks, an exclusive SVIP customer service host, and valuable prize draws.
  • Diamond II (SVIP 16-37). Here, the bonus rises to 297800.00 BCD, with all the enhanced SVIP cashbacks and benefits, including exclusive prize draws.
  • Diamond III (SVIP 38-55). Reaching Diamond III means a player is truly reaching the pinnacle of the VIP program. They will earn a massive bonus of 1462000.00 BCD per level, the highest cashbacks, exclusive SVIP benefits, and entry into extraordinary prize draws.


Can I use multiple bonuses at BC.Game at the same time?

On your toe, you’re allowed to use and activate multiple bonuses at the same time on BC.Game. This will vary however depending on the promotion. For the bonus you want to use, the best thing to do is to check up on the rules and terms.

What wagering requirements apply to bonuses at BC.Game?

You will need to wager the bonus amount a particular number of times depending on the promotion you have selected, and what the bonus is. Before you have a chance of pulling out funds, you need to fulfill these obligations. Each up-to-date and detailed list of the wagering criteria for each is available by selecting the bonus and promotions section, with the visibility of unique clauses that offer promotions.

Can I withdraw immediately after receiving the bonus funds at BC.Game?

You need to meet certain wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal at Bc.Game to be able to use the bonus funds. This basically means you can’t pull out the bonus funds winnings until the designated number of bets are made. These change however generally from one bonus to another. So it’s a good idea to always read up on the terms and conditions of the bonus before you enable it, so that you are never surprised by any unanticipated surprises.

Earn +300% on your first deposit by meeting two simple conditions!
Up to 300% bonus instead of 180% at BC.Game. There are only two conditions: replenishment within 7 minutes of registration, deposit amount from 50 BRL.