Log in to BC.Game with a 300% bonus for an easy start.

Accessing BC.Game is very straightforward and simple. If you've already registered on the platform, simply log in using the same method you used when you signed up.

And if you're new to BC.Game, don't miss the chance to get a +300% bonus on your first deposit if you reload within 7 minutes!

How to Log In to BC.Game

Log into your BC.Game account with these step-by-step instructions, and soon you will be ready to bet and play from the casino’s extensive range of games.

  1. Visit the Official Website. Open your preferred browser and enter the official address for BC.Game into the address bar. Press “Enter,” and your browser will take you to the casino’s homepage.
  2. Login Button. When the casino’s homepage appears on your screen, look for the “Login” button at the top right of the casino’s graphical interface and click on it.
  3. Enter Your Login Details. The login area will appear on your screen. Here, you should enter either your username or email address along with the password you created for your account when you first registered.
  4. Two-Factor Authentication (Optional). If you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled on your account, this is the stage at which you will be required to provide BC.Game with the code that your authentication app of choice produces for you. Doing so adds an advantageously high level of security to your login.
  5. Click on Enter. After you have entered your details (and 2FA code, should your account be set to require this on logins), press this button in order to gain access to your account.
  6. Troubleshooting. If you have trouble logging in – perhaps you forgot your secret password – search for the “Forgot your password?” option or wording that suggests you selected this course of action. By clicking this link, you will begin the site’s password recovery process, which will guide you through resetting your password.
  7. Enjoy BC.Game. With the credits in your player account, you should now be ready to part with your valuable balance in the best possible way by making bets and – with a little luck – doling out payouts on the extensive range of games and innumerable betting opportunities they represent. Be vigilant, also, for the array of bonuses and promotional opportunities that might be available right now – and given what BC.Game’s reward system is like, it will pay handsomely to ensure you don’t miss any.
It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
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Incorrect Login or Password: What to Do

When attempting to log into your BC.Game account and start to see the message that you are definitely an incorrect username or password there are actions you want to try.

  1. Check your access qualifications and attempt once again. Initially just make sure you will have correctly typed your username and password. Your password is usually case-sensitive.
  2. Very clear cache. Sometimes and specially if you have merely changed your password Internet browser login concerns can be resolved by removing your browser’s cache.
  3. Password restoration. In the event you have frequent accreditations and still won’t be able to log in, make use of the password restoration.
  4. Click on “Forgot my own password” within the login web page. Enter the email associated with your BC.Video game account and follow the instructions to reset your password. You can get an email by using a link or maybe a code to create a new password. If you can’t find the email, check your email. or spam file.
  5. Account confirmation. In some cases, logon issues can be related to pending consideration verification. You’ll be notified once trying to log into websites your account involves additional affirmation by email or botón. Follow the included instructions to complete our account.
  6. Customer Care. If you’ve attempted all of the earlier mentioned steps and are generally still having trouble accessing the account, make contact with BC. Game’s customer service. You may reach support through chat, via email, or by joining channels on their social media. Make sure to include selected information to verify the account, nonetheless never show your username or perhaps password.

300% Bonus Instead of 180% on First Registration and Login

With a 300% bonus on an account reload, vs the 180% usually running, later from the first login provides a big incentive to get the player to make that first reload deposit that much quicker. 

  • With the first deposit offer, it’s only valid on the very first deposit made at BC.Game. If you’ve already made a deposit there, you won’t qualify for this particular promotion. 
  • The 7-minute countdown starts as soon as the first login is made, so be ready to proceed and become familiar with the deposit methods you’ll have available prior. 
  • There is a minimum deposit amount required to receive the bonus, so be sure to check offer specifics for the minimum required amount. 
  • The 300% bonus is immediate upon deposit above the minimum so fulfill the conditions completely. You should also check for wagering requirements and any further terms that may be in place to make the best of the bonus. 
  • Think, in advance, about the amount you’d like to deposit, as it’s likely that you’ll want your first few to come one right after another to take full advantage of the 300% bonus that makes your roll go much further so, make it an amount that you will be comfortable with putting into play.
It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
Jogue agora!

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Common Issues When Logging Into BC.Game

For anyone who can’t enter BC.Game, these are the most common causes of access issues and how to fix them.

BC.Game Support

BC.Game’s customer support is designed to offer quick and effective assistance, ensuring users have a pleasant and trouble-free gaming experience. Here’s an overview of the main support channels available.

Earn +300% on your first deposit by meeting two simple conditions!
Up to 300% bonus instead of 180% at BC.Game. There are only two conditions: replenishment within 7 minutes of registration, deposit amount from 50 BRL.