Methods and terms of withdrawing money from BC.Game

BC.Game is not known for payment issues, and you can withdraw money within minutes if you play fairly and have a verified account.

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BC.Game: Synonymous with Secure Payments

BC.Game reviews paint the platform as a solid choice for Brazilian players, with no shortage of praise for its efficiency and speed in handling withdrawals and deposits. The site is commended for its diverse payment methods which, beyond a wide range of cryptocurrencies, includes PIX—a method immensely popular in Brazil. There’s also plenty of positivity surrounding the welcome bonuses that boost players’ first deposits by up to 300%, along with ongoing promotions and progressive bonuses as more funds are added to their accounts.

The loyalty program, rewarding players with medals and subsequently granting access to increasingly better features and benefits based on the amount they wager, is another highlight. Additionally, BC.Game’s ability to accept over 60 types of cryptocurrencies and NFTs for deposits sets it apart. This online platform is ahead of the curve in the cryptocurrency realm, with withdrawals typically processed instantly, unlike traditional methods that could have you waiting up to 72 hours. However, it’s worth noting that while BC.Game charges zero for withdrawals through some methods, fees may be applied in other cases.

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Minimum Withdrawal Amount

The minimum withdrawal amount at BC.Game varies by withdrawal method or cryptocurrency you choose. Each cryptocurrency has its own minimum withdrawal amount that can be checked when choosing that specific cryptocurrency on the BC.Game site. As well, BC.Game charges fees for withdrawals starting at around 0.1% and going to free withdrawal to digital wallets once you hit level 34 platinum VIP. Method and currency include:

  • Bank: 25 to 50,000 BRL.
  • BOXE: 10 to 2,000 BRL.
  • Pix: 10 to 20,000 BRL.
  • VCREDITOS: 50 to 10,000 BRL.
  • Astropay: 10 to 50,000 BRL.

Minimum amounts for cryptocurrency withdrawals depending on the chosen cryptocurrency:

  • From 25 USDT.
  • From 0.014 ETH.
  • From 0.001204 BTC.
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How to Withdraw Money From BC.Game in Brazil

In order to make a withdrawal, new procedures must be followed and the most recent information on the platform consulted. The step-by-step process for gamers in Brazil are as follows

  1. First log into your account.
  2. To navigate to your profile and the withdrawal option allowing you to select one of several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or using popular local payment methods such as those in Brazil, Paxful or Local Bitcoins.
  3. Enter the withdrawal details — for cryptocurrencies, your wallet address, and for a bank transfer, your bank details. Once they’re in and you’ve made sure the amount is above the minimum limit stated.
  4. Your request may also need to be verified by email or by a two-factor authentication system in-line with BC.Game’s security policy.
  5. Your withdrawal will then be processed, with speed depending on the payment method as discussed above. Make sure your account has also been verified and you won’t encounter any issues.
  6. Consult the limits and fee for each method to not have it impact your withdrawal further and know that if you do have any issues or questions, the customer service team are on hand to assist.

Withdrawal Methods and Limits

The withdrawal methods and limits at BC.Game can be different based on your location or the currency/crypto you are using. Here, we have shared the withdrawal methods and limits generally available to Brazilians on BC.Game.

Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal Limits

  • Cryptocurrencies – The limits (minimum and maximum) for withdrawal can be different for various cryptocurrencies. For example, the minimum value you can withdraw for Bitcoin might be 0.001 BTC. However, these can be variable based on the current market conditions and the internal policies of BC.Game.
  • Bank Transfer/Electronic Payment Systems – These can also have variable limits, generally having a much lesser minimum than crypto, allowing for you to withdraw any smaller amount you want. The limits for these specific methods are always there in accordance with their own system and the policies of BC.Game.

Withdrawal Fees

  • The fees for withdrawal can be different for every method. Crypto withdrawal can have fees associated with the network itself, the other methods can have fixed fees or a percentage of fees applied by BC.Game or the service provider.

Important Notes

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How to Reach the 34th Level of VIP Status and Cancel the Withdrawal Fee

Reaching the 34th VIP level at BC.Game is an ambitious goal – one that reflects a high level of engagement with the platform. Here are some general strategies and tips to help you achieve this goal and eliminate withdrawal fees.

  • Understand the VIP System. The BC.Game VIP system is designed to reward active and committed players, with each bet contributing to your VIP levels. Learn how points are accumulated within the VIP system – it’s usually based on the amount wagered, regardless of wins or losses.
  • Play Often. The more regularly you play, the faster you will rack up points and status in the VIP program – beyond that, we stress responsible gaming, so never play with more money than you can afford to lose.
  • Participate in Promotions and Tournaments. Often the casino will run tournaments or other promotions offering more opportunities for you to earn VIP points or other rewards helping you to hit the higher levels of the VIP program.
  • Use Bonus Offers. Be sure to use the deposit bonuses and other promotional deals that BC.Game often makes available to you. These can give your bankroll a significant boost and let you begin to play more, meaning you can rack up VIP points at a quicker pace. Just be sure to understand any playthrough or other terms and conditions which may apply to a bonus offer.
  • Stay Active in the Community. Some casinos, including BC.Game, actively value the community engagement of their players. Actively participating in game chats, forums, and the platform’s social media can earn you benefits or additional opportunities to gain VIP points.
  • Monitor Your Progress. Regularly check your progress on your VIP levels to adjust your gaming strategy as necessary – this might include increasing your bets or playing certain games more frequently that offer more VIP points.
  • Benefits of the 34th VIP Level. Upon reaching the 34th VIP level, you will eliminate withdrawal fees. This means you can withdraw your winnings without any restrictions or additional fees, a significant incentive for frequent and high-volume players.
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What to Do if You Have Problems Withdrawing Money From BC.Game

If you encounter difficulties withdrawing money at BC.Game, especially when it comes to fiat currency withdrawals and the funds have not been received, follow these steps to effectively troubleshoot the issue.

BC.Game Customer Service and Support

BC.Game’s customer support is structured to provide comprehensive assistance, addressing any questions or issues players may encounter. The platform offers multiple support channels, ensuring a positive and continuous user experience. Here are the main support channels provided by BC.Game.

Tips for Efficient Support

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