How to Make Your First Bet on BC.Game with a 300% Deposit Bonus

Sports and esports betting on BC.Game are quite popular in Brazil, especially when it comes to soccer. The platform is licensed and fully legal in Brazil. Moreover, the bonus system applies not just to casino games but to betting as well.

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Five Advantages of BC.Game

There is no shortage of online gambling platforms for players to choose from, but BC.Game is among the best of the best, boasting countless unique features and benefits that draw players from around the world. With that in mind, here are five reasons why BC.Game is a leader in the online gambling space.

  • Variety. BC.Game is home to an expansive selection of games to include everything from slots to table games to live casino and even some cryptocurrency exclusives. This lineup allows for a far wider variety of games for players to enjoy than any competitor.
  • Generosity. The bonus and promotion offers made to BC.Game players are second to none with players receiving everything from welcome bonuses to rewards for completing daily tasks to a VIP program that celebrates and rewards player loyalty.
  • Flexibility. As a platform, BC.Game is very open to allowing players to pay on their terms as crypto players are encouraged to play. This welcome to all players is a rarity in the space and is certainly a key factor in its success.
  • Reliable. BC.Game’s status as a highly regarded online platform is no mistake as they have been able to become a leader in the gambling industry by not only protecting players’ data and funds with the very best in technology, but also ensuring the games on the platform are fair courtesy of certified Random Number Generators and a platform that operates on the use of blockchain.
  • Credible. Having an operating license from Curaçao carries significant weight in any industry, but doubly so in the online gambling space. The licensing and regulation that comes with activating an online gambling platform means that BC.Game is held to a very high standard from their licensing authority and there is nothing more important in today’s market than that ability to trust the platform you are using.
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Football Betting

At BC.Game, there is a wealth of universe of betting types equipped for sports bettors, providing a more varied, richer and feature-heavy betting experience, with a wide range of sports bets available on the platform including, with the ability to.

  • Match (1X2). Bets place on the final result of a match, where a home team win (1), draw (X) or away team win (2) can be chosen.
  • Correct Score. Bets place on the exact score of an event at its conclusion.
  • Over/Under (Totals). Bets place on whether the total of a certain statistic (goals, points, etc) will be over or under the value, set by the betting line placed.
  • Odd/Even. Bets place on whether the total goals, points or another relevant statistic will be odd or even.
  • Head-to-Head and/or Triple-Head. Bets place comparing two or three competitors/participants to directly determine which will have the higher outcome/performance in an event.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time. Bets place on the result at half-time and full time and allowing the bettor to attempt to predict both results together and with the same bet.
  • Period Bets. Bets focused on the outcome of specific periods within an event; e.g., quarter, half, set.
  • Draw No Bet. Bets placed that allow a player to get their money back if the game ends without a winner.
  • Handicap. Bets that indirectly offer the advantage or disadvantage to a team, therefore, balancing the game more.
  • Asian Handicap. Bet that offers exposed risk and profit from a betting market that is designed to split the bet into two parts and reducing the player’s exposure to partial losses.
  • Double Chance: Bets placed on the two out of the three possible results of an event (home win/draw, away win/draw, home win/away win).
  • Outright/Place. Bets placed on the winner of a tournament, league, competition or if a competitor will finish within in one or top places.
  • Quarter/Half/Period X Bets. Bets placed on the outcome or points scored within an event in specific periods of it.
  • Race to X Points/Goals. Bets placed on which team will get to a certain number of points or goals first.
  • Winner of Point X/Scorer of Goal X: Bets placed on which team or individual will score the next point or goal in an event.

Tennis Betting

There are several tennis betting rules that bettors need to know to avoid specific pitfalls in the sportsbooks when they try this new betting market. A few tennis betting rules are quite common and they will give bettors an idea of how to navigate the sportsbooks to make the proper decisions on their tennis bets. Here are some of the most common tennis betting markets.

  • Withdrawal and Retirement. If a player withdraws or retires from the match, all unsettled bets are void and the wagered amount is returned. Impact: Key for in-play bets still in progress at the time of withdrawal.
  • Delays and Interruptions. Bets will stand after an interruption (e.g., rain, darkness) and will be settled according to the official result if the event has not been completed. Impact: Will keep bets valid despite delays.
  • Penalty Points. Even if a player is awarded a penalty point in tennis, especially for its conduct, the bets will still stand. Impact: A penalty does not affect the validity of any bets on in-play markets.
  • Premature Conclusion. If an event does not reach a natural conclusion (e.g., a certain amount of sets or points have not been played) all related bets are void. Impact: It does not affect bets of determination of specific points in a match that have not been completed.

Basketball Betting

Basketball betting is hugely popular and can be done on leagues around the world, including the NBA in the United States, widely considered the premier basketball league globally, as well as international competitions, European leagues, the NBL in Australia, and more worldwide. Due to its fast pace, high scoring, and the fluid, rapidly changing nature of the game, basketball offers a wide range of betting markets and opportunities. When betting on basketball games, it’s crucial to be aware of specific rules that govern how bets are settled across a variety of situations. Here are the main topics based on the rules provided.

  • Overtime. Most betting markets do not take overtime into account unless it is clearly stated. This means the result at the end of regular time counts for most bets unless expressly designated that overtime is included.
  • Incorrect Game Time. If odds are announced with a game time that is incorrectly stated by more than 2 minutes, the betting house reserves the right to void those bets. This is done for fairness and accuracy in wagering.
  • Incorrect Scoring. If markets remain open with a score that is incorrect and would dramatically affect the odds, the betting house reserves the right to void affected bets. This prevents exploitation of incorrect score disclosures.
  • Overtime for Qualification Purposes. If the game does not end in a tie at the end of regular time, but overtime is played solely for qualification purposes (in other words, to decide if your team’s name is in the hat), markets are settled by the result at the end of regular time.
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Cricket Betting

Cricket betting can be both thrilling and engaging for fans of the sport, providing a way to involve themselves in this ever-growing game.

  • Match Outcomes. All settlements are made according to the official result of a match. In the event of adverse weather; an official result is declared the correct settlement, if no official result then all bets are void. In First-Class matches that end in a tie, bets will be settled as a Draw.
  • Double Chance. Settlement is made upon one of the 3 stated possible outcomes occurring. Any other settlement than the official result of the tie, then all bets will be void.
  • Draw No Bet. In the event of a draw all bets are void.
  • Tied Match. Settlement is made upon the official result. If a match is abandoned then all bets are voided.
  • Most Fours/Sixes. In the case of Adjusted overs/minimum overs or for any other reason less than 80% of scheduled overs were possible to complete, then all bets are void, unless settlement of any bet has already been determined.
  • Most Extras. Settlements are as for Most Fours/Sixes, with all types of extra counting.
  • Most Run Outs Awarded. Limited-Over matches; First-Class matches leave Bets will be settled on the amount of run outs awarded, the same stipulations as for Most Fours/Sixes is applied to this market.
  • Highest First Over. Bets will be void if the first over is not completed unless settlement of any bet has already been determined.
  • Delivery Markets. This includes runs off the delivery and whether there will be a boundary in the oven, as well as wickets.
  • Player Performance. For wickets taken and catches, stumps and run-outs involves the number of runs scored, number of wickets taken, number of catches taken, number of stumps and overall run-outs. Points will be awarded (or were awarded) in accordance with the following; amongst players where…
  • The Hundred. The Hundred format refers to a 100-ball innings. A bowler continues 5 legal balls, after which another bowler from the other end delivers the remaining legal ball. The following special rules…
  • Concussion Substitutions. Both the replaced player and the substitute are considered, together, as having played an integral role in the match, for the purposes of settling bets.
  • Penalty Runs. Penalty runs added after the completion of an innings do not count.
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eSports Betting

BC.Game offers a complete eSports betting platform – the Esports Hub – covering a number of popular games and their major tournaments. How does this benefit eSports fans? You can place bets on virtually every kind of competition imaginable, from major international leagues to the tiniest local showdowns. Read on for a rundown of the eSports you can bet on BC.Game.

Betting on BC.Game, like many online sports betting platforms, offers a wide range of options for sports enthusiasts of different preferences. Each of these sports brings its own nuances and specific opportunities for betting. Let’s take a quick look at some of the betting aspects of these popular sports.

  • Ice Hockey. Popular markets: Game winner, total goals, handicap, period bets, and live betting. Tip: Pay attention to goalie stats, injuries, and team form.
  • Baseball. Popular markets: Moneyline, run line (handicap), total runs, and inning-specific bets. Tip: Check the pitcher’s conditions and the team’s home/away record.
  • Handball. Popular markets: Game winner, handicap, total goals, and half-time bets. Tip: Team form and head-to-head history are crucial.
  • Volleyball. Popular markets: Game winner, total sets, set handicap, and set winner. Tip: Analyze recent team performance and strength in serve and reception.
  • Futsal. Popular markets: Game winner, total goals, handicap, and time-specific bets. Tip: The game dynamics are fast, so current form and playing style are important.
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Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
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What Types of Sports Bets Are Available on BC.Game

On the BC.Game platform, users can choose to bet on an array of sporting events both traditional and those involving eSports. Some of the main categories of bet a user will find including the following.

Sports Betting

Specialized Bets

Strategy and Tips for Beginners

Starting with a solid foundation of knowledge and presumed strategies is a priority for beginners in sports betting – helping them to be more successful and avoid substantial losses. Here are the essential tips that will help.

How to Register With BC.Game

Registering on BC.Game is a straightforward process that opens the door to a world of exciting casino games and sports betting. Here are the instructions for each registration method.

First, go to the BC.Game homepage. The “Register” button is usually located in the top right corner.

One-Click Registration

  1. Choice of Method. Go to the registration page and click on the “One-click” tab.
  2. Authorization. The system offers a choice of accounts already in use. If you’re already logged in with a Google account, the options will be available. Choose, and the new account will be created.
  3. Completion of Registration. At this point, you may also need to enter any additional information that may be required.

Email Registration

  1. Choice of Method. Enter your email address and password on the registration page.
  2. Data Entry. On the registration page, click on the “Email” tab and enter an email and a password of your choosing. Please ensure the password is secure and that the account is kept in a safe place.
  3. Completion of Registration. Confirm that you are over 18 years old and accept the rules on the site. Finally, click on “REGISTER”.

Phone Number Registration

  1. Choice of Method. On the same page, select “Phone Number”.
  2. Data Entry. Enter your country code and phone number.
  3. Completion of Registration. You need to click on “Create Password” and agree before finalizing the process by clicking on “REGISTER”.

Social Media Registration

  1. Choice of Method. Click on the desired social media icon (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp, etc.).
  2. Authorization. Now, the player is redirected to the social media page, where they must allow BC.Game to use their personal details solely for the purpose of registration.
  3. Completion of Registration. Once you have given permission to BC.Game, the account creation will be completed automatically.

How to Make Your First Deposit at BC.Game

Access to be able to play the BC.Game casino games and place sports bets begins immediately after you place the first deposit. Here are the steps to take.

  1. Logging In. After you create an account, log into your BC.Game account. If you don’t sign up, the site will prompt you to do so.
  2. Getting to the Deposit Section. Click the deposit button, which should be near the top right of the website and should either say “Deposit” or look like the dollar amount of your “Wallet.” The actual wording and location of the button vary quite a bit from site to site.
  3. Choosing a Deposit Method. You’ll find several deposit methods on BC.Game. Most are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), etc. Click on your preferred method.
  4. For Cryptocurrency. When the processor gives you an address to send your payment to, you’ll copy it from the website and paste it into the “send” field in your cryptocurrency wallet. Send the amount specified to the address. When it’s asked for, double-check the address against the one you’ve copied. You might need to follow instructions if they’re given.
  5. For Fiat Money (if available). You may find electronic transfer instructions for specific banks in the BC.Game wallet. If not, You’ll likely need to use electronic funds transfer to an “intermediary” wallet of your choosing which will then transfer into the BC.Game wallet. You might be asked to provide additional information.
  6. Confirming the Deposit. You might need to send a confirmation request, so check the site or perhaps the BC.Game wallet in electronic transfer instructions to ensure that your transfer has been made. The BC.Game wallet will confirm that the transfer is made. This process can take a few minutes, so it may be a little while before your account at BC.Game is credited with the funds.
  7. Checking Your Balance. Your balance should update soon. Congratulations! Your funds are now available for play. That’s it, you’re now off to play the casino games or place sports bets that you’re interested in on BC.Game.

Bonuses at BC.Game

BC.Game distinguishes itself in the online casino and sports betting industry by offering a wide range of generous bonuses and promotions to enhance the gaming experience.

It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
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Are There Any Current Promotional Codes

Indeed, players can make the most out of great entertainment and huge winning opportunities by betting on cryptocurrencies today, provided they are prepared to do so. Strategy will make all the difference, and a key way is to use the most recent promotional codes and special offers to bag additional bonuses on deposits or free game spins at BC.Game. Here’s how to start discovering the latest promotions and play today.

BC.Game Mobile App for Android and iOS

The BC.Game mobile app is now available for Android! This app is not available directly from the Google Play Store, but it can be downloaded from their website. Follow this simple guide to download the app, and it will soon appear on your Android device’s main screen.

How to install the BC.Game mobile app on Android

  1. Open the website in Chrome. Go to the Chrome app on your device – it’s crucial as the app cannot be installed from any other browser.
  2. Navigate to the site. You should see a message in a yellow bar stating, “Add BC.GAME to Home screen.”
  3. Press the “⁝” button. Find and press the “⁝” button in the top right corner of the browser to bring up a dropdown menu.
  4. Install App. Choose “Install app” from this dropdown (or a similar option in your language), and the app icon will then appear on your main screen for easy access.

How to install the BC.Game mobile app on iOS

  1. Open the Website in Safari. Use the Safari app on your device. For iOS, you may use any browser of your choice.
  2. Scroll “Add to Home Screen” to the right. After opening BC.GAME, press the “Share” button, which looks like a rectangle coming out of a square, located at the bottom center of your browser. This will open a menu with various options.
  3. Install the app. Scroll through the options in the new share menu to the left and select “Add to Home Screen,” which has the icon of a square with a plus. You will then be redirected to a screen where you can name your shortcut. After completing these steps, your new app shortcut will await on iOS and can be accessed at any time from the main screen.

Are There Any Complaints About BC.Game

At BC.Game, user complaints and requests are taken very seriously. The casino is serviced by a highly professional support team that operates around the clock to ensure that any issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. In the majority of cases, any complaints around payments are resolved in favor of the player.

As with any online casino and sports betting platform, BC.Game is no stranger to receiving complaints from users. What’s worth noting is that the vast majority of complaints received from BC.Game players are related to payments. This can range from transaction delays, account verification issues, and misinterpretation of cashout conditions.

BC.Game also uses social media and forums to engage with its users, adding another line of resolution in the case of any issues. Player feedback is absolutely essential to the BC.Game team and will be used to continually build on their service and user experience.

It's impossible to imagine an easier start!
Get up to 1200% bonus on your first 4 deposits - one of the biggest online casino bonuses in Brazil.
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BC.Game help and support

BC.Game boasts an impressively strong range of support and assistance, so players should never feel as though they’re left alone to solve their problems or questions. BC.Game support options currently include:


How to Start Betting on Sports?

To start betting on sports effectively, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of the sport you plan to bet on. Read analyses, team/player statistics, and the latest news that could influence game outcomes. BC.Game provides a wide range of sports events, competitive odds, and a user-friendly interface. Decide on the amount you’re willing to risk and stick to it. Avoid placing large bets right away; it’s better to spread your bankroll across smaller bets.

What are the key mistakes beginners should avoid?

Avoid placing bets under emotional influence or in an attempt to recoup previous losses with quick and risky bets. Don’t wager on every game or sport you know little about. It’s better to specialize in certain leagues or types of sports. Understanding how odds work and what they mean is crucial. Opt for value bets, where you believe the chances of winning are greater than those indicated by the odds.

How to Increase the Odds of Making a Correct Prediction?

Use statistical data on teams and players to analyze their chances. Look at the team’s form, head-to-head history, player conditions, and any changes in the lineup. Stay updated with the latest news about teams and players. Injuries, suspensions, or changes in the coaching staff can significantly affect outcomes. Utilize analytical tools and resources that can help you better understand the potential outcomes of events. Don’t ignore professional forecasts and analyses, but also form your own opinion.

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